Midnight crisis with a cockroach

Something hot from the oven (not quite but my standard yes LOL), this happened less than 72 hours. The thought of trying to recall what had happened makes my heart race like I have just done a sprint.

Just a question, why did we dislike/fear cockroach? I wonder.

Here comes thisfelicia storytelling of an encounter with a roach LOL.

I was asleep and I brushed off annoying hair from my face a couple of times throughout the night. At one point, when I brushed off my hair I felt like that there’s something moving. I jumped off the bed and checked out in the dark if there’s anything on the bed. That’s 4 am-ish.

True enough there’s something moving on the pillows that I had pushed aside. I turned on the lights and found a freaking roach roaming around the mountain of pillows.

I don’t know what to do so I wandered around the room to find a weapon. It was on the bed, I can’t kill it on the bed and taint the freshly changed linen. The thought of the unlay eggs oozing out from the roach if it dies on my bed, I cannot. I watched a video a while ago that the roach eggs will be smashed out from the roach body and the eggs will stay on. I took an unwanted t-shirt from the wardrobe and intend to wrap the roach (so ambitious).

Within that few seconds, the roach nowhere to be seen. I had to google of ways to lure/bait the roach in the middle of the night FML. According to the search returned, once out of sight it’s gone. Roaches are very sensitive towards lights and they will hide in dark spots when we switch on the light (like a ninja). It will be out when it’s dark, that means I have to switch off the lights and wait for it. In my mind, please somebody kill me.

I didn’t have a choice but to switch off the lights. Hit the sack trying to fall asleep again. Before I slept, I whispered “Roachy, you need to move out now and don’t come near me anymore. I might not be able to let you off next time I see you.”. It took me a while to fall asleep.

When I was soundly asleep, there’s something crawling on my wrist. I brushed it off and suddenly recall of the roach. I jumped off the bed, grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. That was 6 am FML.

There, I saw a roach on my blanket and trying to make its way into the cozy blanket of mine to hide like a ninja. Sorry, I can’t afford to share the blanket with you. I shake it off from the blanket and the roach was shaken off to where I was standing FML.

I hopped back onto the bed with a silent scream (I don’t want to wake any of the folks up). Gosh! The roach escaped and hid under my indoor slipper.

I was so prepared to give up the indoor slipper by crushing the roach underneath. Before I managed to land my palms on to the slipper, it escaped away again. This time it hid under the steam iron. I move the steam iron a little and it escaped and hid under the groove of the door.

Immediately grabbed the air freshener can that hasn’t been used before. Brace myself for the worst (it will escape from under the door frame and fly towards me) and target at the roach that’s under the door frame.

It’s the first time I used the freshener can and only realize I bought a can of liquid LOL (ok that’s silly normally liquids are in spray cans). It moved a little, I continued to spray and foam starting to build up. I waited for 20mins before trying to move the roach out and waited for another 10mins (time spent on Instastory while waiting for the time to past LOL).

I stared at the roach thinking should I continue to sleep and only clean up after I wake up. The thought of cockroach won’t die easily popped. What if I wake up to see no carcass of a roach, I cannot.

Clean up time gave me a shock too. I used a dustpan to pick up the roach but it fell from my dustpan gave me a shock and jumped a little distance away. Luckily it doesn’t move further (don’t know it is dead or not). I hurriedly pick it up with the dustpan again, threw it into the toilet bowl and flushed it.

Bye Roachy, thank you for all the drama. I’m sorry but I cannot let you go.

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