Bintan Island Trip – Bintan Lagoon Resort

I am glad that I managed to squeeze in a minimoon to Bintan (in Indonesia) during my one week visit to Singapore. I churned out 3 days 2 night for the Bintan trip. It’s the easiest trip I have ever booked (minimal planning required).

We took the Mozaic Ferry Line from Tanah Merah ferry terminal in Singapore on a Friday afternoon. It cost us 62SGD per person for a return trip ticket. I had to get the hub to leave work earlier that day. Arrived at the ferry terminal earlier to pick up the boarding pass, check-in, and clear immigration. It was all done in 10mins and we had 20mins spare (that would mean selfie time). Here’s a shameless selfie in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to kill time.

It was a 75-90mins ferry ride and we managed to check-in as soon as we arrived. Nothing much we can do as it’s close to evening, so we explored the observation platform near the golf course.

Extremely beautiful dusk, too bad I didn’t bring along my camera. The #instahusband had to be put to work.

I have to grasp the chance to take some nice photos with the hub as well.

It was quite funny attempting these cheesy poses. It has been a while and it turned out not bad as well.

That’s the resort we stayed in right behind the rock while we posing with the rocks LOL.

We took the scheduled free shuttle to Plaza Lagoi for dinner. Nothing much in the evening and we had our dinner in the food court. We strolled around a little while waiting for our return shuttle. Stumbled upon this Lagoi Bay lighted signage and I just had to do the cheesy stuff again.

Another shot of us.

There’s a warung on the first floor for drinking on the right. We bought some snacks and drinks from the minimart next to us instead, we are old like that LOL. That’s one day gone.

The second day was well spent on the beach doing nothing other than dipping and sunbathing.

Yup, that’s a blurry photo on the right. We went for an hour Kayak, our first Kayak experience. We thought an hour of Kayak won’t be enough, we were wrong. We were exhausted after a 45mins Kayak and decided to call it off earlier.

Moved over to the pool when it was late afternoon to get some warm dip before calling it day.

There’s a small part of infinity poolside and I had to get the hub to take a shot for me.

We went to the observation deck for the evening again. This time we managed to catch the colors of sunset.

On our way back to our room, I saw a bench and decided to ask for another shot from the hub. I am not aware that the tree is in a rectangle shaped only to realize after the hub showed me.

The second day was done and dusted in a blink. The last day was spent lazing around and we made another trip to Plaza Lagoi for lunch this time. I had been looking forward to trying Nasi Padang.

This is it. I am a happy girl. I told the hub before visiting that only get what you want/need. We were served with the green chili (the green one most left) and the hub thought it was a condiment only to find it in the bill as a dish LOL.

Oh well, as long as the wife is happy anything is fine hahaha.

Here’s a story behind this trip, it was an impromptu weekend getaway booked to surprise the hub. It all went well until the night before departure, the surprise broke LOL.

I told my aunt in the morning that I had just booked a surprise trip to Bintan over the weekend. In the evening after we were done with dinner, my aunt was in the kitchen checking out from me our departure (I was in the living room). One of my cousin sisters kicked me from behind. We kept calm and ignored the question. The hub heard from the side my aunt is calling out for me and nudge me. I continue to ignore until my aunt called out the second time with the same question. Another cousin of mine answered on behalf of me and sent the hub into confusion with a jaw-dropping look.

My cousins and I can’t help but laugh out loud. I practically roll on the floor laughing because of the confused look the hub gave me. There will never be a secret will be kept among the family seriously. It will break in just a matter of time FML. It was good for me, I don’t have to pack for the hub LOL.

No more surprise for the hub anymore. My heart can’t take it.

I have done a video on our minimoon earlier and hope you enjoy it.

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