A visit to The land of OZ (not)

Two weeks passed by in a blink (in the land of Aussie).

I have been in Melbourne (not quite exactly Melbourne but about 30mins away from Melbourne) for two weeks now. It’s not the first time here, but this time with a determination to stay behind. Of course with valid rights to stay behind.

My parents were pretty much worried over my move that my parents sent me off at the airport to Singapore. Not the first time I am going away such distance but I am always their little girl. Luckily it was a public holiday so they could make it.

The husband too was so concerned and flew together with me as well for the weekend. Checking out the accommodation that I have reserved earlier. Helping me to move in (basically helping with my baggage and making a trip to get the necessity with me).

I wasn’t in my best mood when I was in Melbourne last year, that I didn’t like it so much in Melbourne. I don’t have any idea what was wrong still. The weekend there with the husband this time was just great though. As usual, the first stop will be at the heart of the city. Flinders Street Railway Station it is.

We went to the St. Paul’s Cathedral just across the street diagonally, the exterior and interior are astonishing. Somehow I like buildings of that age and has that European taste in it. Sadly we were too kiam (stingy) to pay for a pass for photo taking in the cathedral.

We went to The State Library this time. The exterior is already fascinating enough. I can imagine myself laying on the carpet of grass in front during my lunch break.

There wasn’t anything impressed me when I entered the building, till I step onto the 3rd or 4th floor. I was awed by the interior and can’t help repeating “Look at these, they are so pretty. Omg!”. You have to go take a look for yourself, like seriously.

Sadly we couldn’t make it to the top because it’s almost the closing time of the library.

Never a trip to Oz land without coffee and tea break. We have always enjoyed going out for a cuppa on weekends especially in Oz. We love to chill with a cup of warm coffee or tea and maybe a slice of cake. Managed to check out Griffiths C&B at Little Collins Street this time.

The husband was very happy with his Affogato served. He said the vanilla ice-cream did not overtake the espresso as it was strong enough. The Berries Cheesecake was good too albeit it looks a bit disgusting initially. I’ll show you why.

LOL the berries topping above resembled what, you name it on your own. It’s really delicious, a balance of sweet and sour. Somehow the cafe we visited in Australia so far served really good coffee, tea, pastries, and cakes.

We took photo of each other and look I am always chubby in the photo taken by the husband.

The husband a social butterfly, as usual, always has friends around the globe. We had Korean food at Korean Restaurant, Bornga in Melbourne as well.

It has been made easy so far as I managed to find an accommodation through a friend here. Days went in a blink staying with a bunch of loud and crazy loads. Lucky that they are Malaysians, fun to stay with and cook (two chefs in the household) well. I shall share the crazy bunch next time.

I count on my luck for all these and I need more luck for my job hunting. The husband has been so worried that he kept reminding me that if I feel like coming home anytime, just let him know he would book me the next flight to return.

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