A day in Peninsula Hot Spring

What pops up in your mind when you are in Melbourne? I would think of food, shopping, a visit to Melbourne Zoo, and some city walks.

What else to do out of Melbourne city? I would have thought of going to the Philip Island for penguins, Yarra Valley for wine tasting, and seasonal fruits picking.

Well, there are more Victoria can provide. In fact, I was so surprised when my housemate told me about it.

Who says a good hot spring can only be found in Japan? You can have splendid dips in Peninsula Hot Springs.

Peninsula Hot Springs is Victoria’s first award-winning natural hot springs. It is located in Mornington, Rye and that is about 90mins drive away from Melbourne city.

There are two experience options one can choose from.

The Spa Centre provides a private space for visitors 16 years and older. They offer thermal mineral pools, indoor and outdoor bathing pools, saunas and Moroccan Hamam. One thing they do provide in additional in the spa centre is a variety of spa treatments to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. These were summarized from what I have read online, I did not experience it yet so I couldn’t provide more insight over it.

The Bath House is a family-friendly social bathing area. There are plenty of bathing experiences which were inspired globally intend to offer visitors relaxation and fun. Bathing experiences such as the Hydrojet pool, Cave pool, Cold Plunge pool, Turkish Hamam, and Hilltop pool with unobstructed views of the surrounding.

Read further if you want to know about my personal experience in Peninsula Hot Spring.

Before that, I would like to warn you it is going to be heavily filled with lots of selfies (might be too cheesy to handle LOL). I’d like to have them posted so bear with me here.

Here’s one to kickstart.

This, the happy faces halfway through the day.

We started our hot spring experience here in one of the amphitheatre pools. There are 3 pools overlooking the viewing terrace with a small flowing river. It was a perfect dip to start, getting used to the crowd with a relaxing setting. There is a dry sauna and a wet sauna nearby too. We tried both the saunas and B like the dry sauna more because he felt it’s more suffocating in the wet sauna. I was good with both.

The fun thing we stumbled in front of the saunas was a cold plunge pool. B resisted initially while I bravely walk down two steps into the pool before hopping into it. It was so refreshing and tried to convince B to join me. The nearby staff came to us and told us the middle of the pool is the deepest. B hopped in which gave me a surprise.

One of the pools that interests me when I was surveying online is the hilltop pool. We headed to the hilltop to take a glimpse.

The hilltop pool is one of the pools that I could not forget with its view. It is a pool which was located as the name suggested, hilltop. It could fit around 20 persons but 15 is the optimum number as any more than that, it would be congested. It was so relaxing being able to enjoy an unobstructed view in a warm pool.

I love how people were so well mannered. They set aside and waited for their turn when it felt congested in the pool. Well, there are people that do not give a shit and would walk straight into the pool. That’s the minority and overall they are well mannered. I appreciated that so much.

The happy faces, in the hilltop pool. A shot of our back in the hilltop pool overlooking the unobstructed view.

Moved down a little, to a hot pool, which is the hottest hot spring we found. It was controlled at 40 to 42 degrees and it took a little time to get used to the temperature. It’s one of our favorites.

Just around the corner, there is a Turkish Hammam also know as Turkish Bath. It is similar to a sauna, which helps in perspiring. It is tiled with marble top and there are hot air outlets to bring in the hot air. It was our first time in a Turkish Hammam. I love it but not so much for B as he couldn’t feel the heat.

We moved to the dry sauna a few steps away. It was so comfortable to stay in a warm place but I did not perspire as much as I wish. B sweated a bucket and exited the sauna a few minutes in. I stayed for a little longer and we gathered at the cold pool. We took a few plunges into the cold pool and it was so refreshing after a sauna session. We loved it to bits.

There is a cave pool nearby which we tried out. We waddled into the cave pool when someone exited. Decided to exit in less than 2 minutes because we could not handle the echo in the cave as people talking in the cave.

Break time, let’s take a look at another selfie hahahha.

Luckily it was a cloudy day, we won’t be able to open our eyes well if it is a sunny day.

There’s plenty of picnic area, and I did pack some sandwiches and snacks for the day. We found some decks with beach chair around the lake and decided to settle in for our snack. I thought it was a perfect spot to chill with sun and some shades from the trees.

It is a picturesque spot. Don’t believe me? See for yourself the picture we have taken.

We started taking photo after done with our snacks. Asian being Asian hahaha.

I must take the opportunity to get B to take some nice photo of me.

Can’t help really, I shall stop spamming. I must praise B over his improving photoshoot skill.

There are hydrojet pool, hand bath, foot bath, reflexology walk, and massage shower. Facilities such as lounge area, shower, changing room, toilet, and lockers are clean and well maintained.

One last photo spam before I call it a post.

We spend a good 5 hours there and for a hot springs lover myself, I would recommend Peninsula Hot Spring. We will return soon as we have missed out some of the pools. B initially thought it was expensive but agreed that money spent was worth at the end of the day. We will definitely return again.

Just an advice to book your spots in advance online especially your planned visit falls on the weekend. They do limit the numbers of visitors in the bathhouse at a given time to ensure a pleasant experience.

Visit Peninsula Hot Spring website here for more information.

That’s it, folks. I shall update more on my doings, see you soon.

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