ThisFelicia’s Solo Trip to Sydney – Part 2

Hola, I am back for the 2nd part of the trip which. Honestly, I do not know why it took so long but I guess I will get it done by today. Check out ThisFelicia’s Solo Trip to Sydney – Part 1 if you haven’t done so.

When it comes to a city, I practically have no idea where to visit. I woke up early that very morning and decided to make a trip further to Bondi Beach. It did not cross my mind until my brother asked if I have visited the famous beach the day before. I was like oh ya there’s a Bondi Beach a bit further out of Sydney City.

Look at the view that greeted me when I got down from the bus.

It was a good day for surfing and there were a lot of surfers. I WANT TO SURF!!! I need Vitamin Sea badly while typing this.

*sigh* I was so sad, I did not pack for the beach. I went to the beach in a pair of jeans and sneakers. A mental note to self, remember to pack a pair of sandals and shorts next trip.

I felt like an alien when I was there. Who goes to the beach in sneakers and jeans. Gosh! I can do anything with my outfit and I acted like that’s how we go to the beach in Malaysia. hahaha fml.

Look at these properties, definitely million dollar housing with million dollar view.

One thing I was excited when I was there, I finally get a glimpse of Bondi Iceberg Club. It’s listed as one of the places to visit in an article I saw a long long time ago. It’s a check on my checklist.

The Bondi Iceberg Club is one of the properties there. Look at the pool view from the top.

It is a swimmer’s dream to swim a pool like this and next to a hitting wave. A best friend of mine even commented to bring her there the next round (I will bring there and we shall shiver together next to the pool).

Made my way back to Royal Botanic Park because I wanted to check out the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in a distance before I leave Sydney.

I stumbled at The Calyx, a building which is so minimal in its structure.

There was a free Carnivorous plant floral display. Spend quite a bit of time in there to check out the carnivorous plants.

The reminder tags next to the plants make me wanted to touch them. You know the more they put these tags to stop you from doing something, the more you have the urge to break it.

I can call out this carnivorous plant common name, Monkey Cups. Genius! hahaha

The mischievous in me wanted to feed the monkey cups with some food (grass or something). hahaha nope, I did not do that. I don’t want to risk myself being chased out from the exhibition.

Out from the Carnivorous plant exhibition and made my way to Mrs. Macquaries Point. The fair walk to Mrs. Macquaries Point from The Calyx. I was glad that it was a breezy day with clouds as the natural shades.

The view of the harbour bridge and opera house from Mrs. Macquaries Point.

Definitely worth the walk and look at gloomy the sky. It drizzled when I was walking out of the park. Walked in the city for a little before I make my way to the airport.

The buildings in Sydney reminds me of London so much. Even the walkway in some of the train stations too.

Well, that’s about it on my 24 waking hours (or maybe lesser) in Sydney and I will be back to Sydney for more fun soon.

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