Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

The year of 2018, bittersweet.

I lose myself to work in the first half of the year.

I worked on self-discovery, recovering my soul and get back to the happy self in the second half of the year. I am still in the journey of exploring mentally and physically in a foreign land, Australia.

Whilst losing some, I find myself gaining quite a bit.

The great big family that will always be there for me.

My in-laws, taken with my parents as well when we were on our Hokkaido trip.

I have got a lot of mental support from my family, extended family and in-laws. I steered all the negativity from them, I guess they had already sensed something was wrong but never give me a word as usual. They would be there when I need them but they stayed silent and waited until I am ready to get back. They supported every single decision I have made without questioning though I know deep down they are worried. That’s where my mind and soul belongs ALWAYS.

A few of my girlfriends that I discover from a different phase of my life. There are more.

I have some really supportive girlfriends that are really great listeners and wouldn’t mind me ranting all day everyday about work stress. I repeat the same thing to them when I chatted with them over the phone and of course, they would advise the same EVERY SINGLE TIME. It felt like Deja Vu to me every single time hahaha.

The crazy bunch of housemates.

I have also met a bunch of crazy folks here in Melbourne staying under the same roof. They were crazy enough for us to stay up until late night chatting, food hunting, being couch potatoes after dinner chasing after dramas, asking for home-cook meals, convincing each other getting a pair of Adidas (this happened just a few days ago) because of the boxing day deals, and now bugging me not to move to Sydney LOL. I never knew I would get such a close-knit friendship in just 3months.

That precious someone that would dance with me under the sun, moon, rain, and thunder.

I always knew that I married someone that I love, and always thought I married my soulmate. Now I know soulmate means so much more. Someone that understands you so well, being supportive over every decision you made, and let the action speaks by going through the thick and thin with you. I know I have given him the toughest time and war of patience hahaha FHL. While I was sort of out of place in my life, he took up one my role of taking great care of my family.

Thank you to my dear family, extended family, and in-laws for being supportive, Thank you to my girlfriends that have been a great listener and advisor. Thank you to my hub, B for taking great care of me and my family (they love you more than me for a reason).

Our dearly missed granny.

We lose B’s granny due to aging. She was so delicate, sweet and fragile. Her eyes would brighten when she saw us by her bedside, complaining about being confined in bed. She will always stay in our heart. Thanks for being our angel now.

A friend (guy at the far right), that we will always keep in our mind.

We have just received sad news about one of B’s close friend, Wei Sheng has passed on last night. It was so sad and I refused to accept it when I was told last night. He was so young, with a carefree spirit, his sarcasm (hahaha I can still recall his sarcasm when he speaks) in a good way and love for traveling. He has touched every one of us in a different way, and I still couldn’t accept the fact that he was gone. It’s time for me to accept it and trust that he’s at a better place now. RIP my dear friend and always stay carefree.

Alrighty, 2018 have taught me of being grateful for what I have and appreciate what was given. Living in the now than fretting for the future.

Cheers to 2019! A better year ahead.

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