Here comes the Three-Oh!

It’s the last day of April. I have been putting off this post for more than a week now. It’s (the post) now or never, procrastination level max.

Ten years ago, when I was turning from 19 to 20, I was a little upset. It could be I have to label myself a young adult. In the 10 years, I grew from a naive girl to someone making decisions at home and giving some thoughts on my financial standing.

The learning curve has got steeper as I grow. I have grown so much mentally and physically (ahem can definitely tell from the pics) in my last 20s. I have learnt how to let go of things that I have been holding on, addressing issues that I have been hiding from, forgiving myself, stay in the present and not anxious (worry) for the future. I have worked on a lot on my inner self for the past one year.

I am now a happy self after clearing all those mental burden I have been carrying on.

Forever grateful and contented with what I have. Blessed with people that I love and love me that have my back and being supportive through my 30 years of life.

Let’s move on to talk about some bragging (not so much). hahaha

Neither a big bang celebration nor am I expecting one. Never a person big on celebration and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’d always prefer to surround myself with the people I love on this day. Be it just lazing with them at home watching TV, out for a good meal with. I don’t think I had any big bang celebration all my life.

It’s a little different this year though. I was away from home meant I don’t get to spend time with family like how I usually did. I was away from B for training in Hong Kong meant the one person that would always try to surprise me (privately) on this day is not available too.

Honestly, I was took hooked up with all the activities going out in the training that I wasn’t paying attention to myself. I got myself a premium McD meal which was supposing my lunch for the day but I finished it late evening. I called it a day after finishing the McD meal. *psst* It was on the company bill and B was saying I should grab myself something better. but I really wasn’t in the mood to do that because I had something more important to finish up.

My parents did not hear (no FB story updates) from me much and were checking out what I was into. I told my parents that I was busying and will get back to them once I am done.

They got this photo together with my reply.

Yes, a photo of my premium McD meal. I got back to them 5 days later. hahaha

I had to admit that I am a bad daughter and bad wife at times (not that bad as a wife, I don’t want to be divorced with less than 3 years of marriage LOL). When I work, I tend to forget the whole world and they had to orbit around me making sure I get my food.

Fast forward to the day I came back from Hong Kong, B insisted to go home once I touched down. Home we went and I got a box nicely wrapped in red (Christmas came earlier I thought) sitting on my work desk. I was so intrigued and got my hands on it shaking it around, my guess is a bag. I was so excited that I unwrapped it without taking photos. hahahha

His toilet trip ended up bringing cakes into the room with lit candle. I was too awed from the gift, the dream bag that I have lust forever that I never notice that at all.

Look at those cakes that he got me. Five are just nice, one is too stingy according to him. I must have been at the wrong state of mind setting up the cakes and bag that way. Must be the jet lag (finding excuse).

The cacti cake so adorable and the cheesecakes were so good. After a good surprise, I KO-ed and got 3 hours nap.

Went out the next day for a booked Sunday roast lunch.

Pull out our shades because it was shining bright. Convenient for me to snooze on the train as well. I practically snoozed my way to the city and back.

Here comes the posey photo with my new present *grinssss*

Love the satchel so much. I thought I am a tad huge for the tiny pink satchel hahahha.

We got there earlier than scheduled and he got himself a beer before the lunch was served. It wasn’t great at all. We stopped at just one drink because I wasn’t feeling all good.

Here comes the scrumptious Sunday Roast. Roast beef knuckle and pork belly were good. The Yorkshire pudding was a letdown. That was the one thing we looked forward the most. Looks like we need to make a trip back to the UK for it.

Managed to get a good shot of the satchel while B went away to grab us drinks. Look at the perfect stitches.

Thanks B for spoiling me as usual and always manage to surprise me with all these little acts.

That’s all for the not so big Three-Oh! Till next time people (hopefully soon)! xx

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