Hello world,

Thank you for popping into this tiny space of mine amongst the www (world wide web).

My name is Felicia. I was born and raised in Penang, a beautiful city and a food paradise North West of Malaysia. It’s a place so dear to me as it holds all the precious memories and growing up there. More importantly, I have my ever loving and supportive family and friends there.

I am happily married to my soulmate, best friend,¬†and partner-in-crime. We got hitched after 6 years of whirlwind courtship and still enjoying it just the two of us. I would be scared the crap out of myself if we don’t as we are considered newly-wed (a year into the¬†marriage, I suppose that’s considered newly-wed).

This tiny space is a gift that I received from my dear hubby, J on my 29th birthday. I was extremely surprised that I got this as my birthday present (Click here if you wish to read about it). It came with some messages here and there as well as a gallery of photos with people I treasure the most and things I love doing.

I work full time as an IT technical consultant which explains I started the greeting with “Hello world” (excuse my occupational disease). I set a high expectation on my own gauge in delivering my work so I am constantly under a lot of pressure (at times I felt like I am digging my own grave at work). Yet, I feel the achievement when I manage to deliver as expected.

I love to travel. Traveling is not something I am good at but it’s something I want to keep doing.

I love to yoga (my current favorite activity). Yoga practicing is not about striking a pose, it is about getting to know yourself (weakness or strength) and practice your way to your goal.

I love to read. Reading expands my mind and gives me someplace to go when I can’t travel physically.

I love to craft (honestly forgotten when was the last time I craft). Crafting makes everything seems better even on Monday and escaping the world a little while.

This tiny space is a place for me to share my life, thoughts, adventures, interests, and passions. I hope that you enjoy your time here (hopefully I don’t bore you).



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