I have dreamt of having a domain(URL) of myself, but never ever take the initiative (and hassle) to get the domain and set things up (as if it requires me to fill up form A-Z just to get it done).

Here’s the story how it all came to light.

It was 2 nights before my birthday I bugged J for my birthday card (my usual requirement for an occasion is a card) and hopefully, I don’t get any present too.

After countless bugging, J finally surrendered. J flicked open the sling bag flap to retrieve the birthday card. Upon handing over the birthday card to me with wide opened nostrils as if they are going to blow streams of flame (like the legendary fictional character, dragon instead from the mouth it will be from the nostrils) anytime soon.

Can’t wait to get my hand on the card when he took it out, I happily snatched it upon seeing. J watched as I opened the envelope to reveal the card. Instead of the usual “I love you” (and the likes) line, I found a hand-drawn gift box after a minute. I chirped “Hey you even drew this time, I am so touched”.  Ahem, this guy drawing is so bad to the extent putting a kid’s drawing next to his you would thought his drawing is from a kid.

J reminded me, “Look carefully please”. To my surprise, I came to realize there’s a gift tag on the gift box drawn with which make me went “Are you seriously getting me a domain?”. J nodded. I went “Yassss yassss yassss, I got my own domain”. The geek in me has always wanted a domain of myself (I used to have a long forgotten Blogspot) but I never have the guts to get one due to all the commitments to maintain one. I barely have the time to do laundry and J has to take over the chef position on most of the days.

J continued “Baby, it’s a gift.” in which it took me 30secs to register the thought of checking out the site. I scrambled my way to grab my phone so I can check out the site. J did a simple setup putting in little messages as well as some life photos (some stolen from my phone which I am not aware of at all). The act of putting all of these together warmed my heart so much and wet my eyes too.

This was what I found upon accessing the site.


Where did he get the idea from, I wonder. Materials don’t work on me so well but this, so much win. In fact, the inner geek of me squealed and got excited too. Love it to the core.

As I have done some changes on my gift (this site), I still keep the gallery which was also part of the gift (not going to make any further changes because it is a gift from J). Check it out with this link here or click on “Gift from Love” from the menu.

Thank you Baby, for spoiling me and kept me spoilt at all time. I guess everyone’s saying “happy wife happy life” is your everyday goal ever since we got married.

This has set a new high record I would say. How am I going to be able to beat it? Someone, please contribute some ideas. Any ideas contributions are welcome and appreciated.

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