Brunch at Three Monkeys Place

I woke up to 3 of my housemates still at home one fine day. We decided to go for brunch before we get busy with our daily grinds.

Times like this, the question of where to brunch at popped. I was instructed to look out for the brunch place. I thank the greatest invention, Google. I punched in brunch in Melbourne and look out for a few cafes that are near to our place.

After browsing a few suggestions, Three Monkeys Place attracted my attention with its beautifully plated desserts LOL. Growing fatter for a reason. I went knocking at my housemates’ room door and asked them if they were ok with it. Of course with the menu in hand and all the beautiful photos of the food they served. All were ok with it and we got ourselves cleaned up.

Brunch, of course we must order something that resemble breakfast and lunch.

We had to have the big breakfast for sure, so there goes the first option decided easily. The big breakfast, The Playground, came with poached eggs, bacon, chorizo, roasted tomato, thyme mushroom, and spinach on sourdough.

Look at it, I still find it beautiful. LOL

The next option that caught our attention is Charlie’s burger. The burger came with the regular burger ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, pickled cucumber, and chips

The highlight was the patty as it is made of pork and beef. It was surprising to us as the patty was tender and tasted fresh with mild spicy in it. It was paired with the sriracha mayo which complimented it as well.

The third option we chose was the angel hair pasta. The pasta came with ocean prawn, mussels, cherry tomatoes, confit onions, garlic and saffron bisque.

It looked mouth watering with the colour. It was appetizing but was not up to what I had expected. I looked forward to the bisque, but it wasn’t creamy broth that I had expected. I prefer it with linguine It linguine instead of angel hair.

We won’t call it a meal without desserts. Our initial choice was the Le Parissenne Fruit Toast but it was sold out. We ordered the Sweet Monkey instead.

The Sweet Monkey is fried roti pancakes which were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It came with banana chunks, mixed berries, popcorn, cookie crumbles, mascarpone, and maple syrup.

I am not good in describing this but it was really a surprise to me. The fried roti pancakes went really well with the mixed berries, mascarpone and maple syrup I did not know what to expect from it and I found it interesting especially on the fired roti pancakes.

Good thing must share, and here’s the menu to share around.

The spring avocado mash and the sambal scrambled eggs sound legit. The fruit toast remains a mystery to me. I will definitely return to try more of their food in the menu.

That’s all for the quick sharing. See you soon!

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