Pearl Anniversary – 30 Years of Marriage

30 years sounds like ages to me NOT.

To quantify them into days, hours, minutes or seconds, the values are not so huge to the extent I no longer know how to pronounce it out.

  • 10957 days
  • 262968 hours
  • 15778080 minutes
  • 946684800 seconds

Now that I am less than a year shy from my 30, it no longer feels like ages to me. In fact, I felt like where did the time go?

However, 30 years of marriage is something that makes me ponder. I am amazed that couples that can make it together this far. There are tonnes of couples that went even further. Bravo old folks! Keep it up!

We celebrated my parents’ 30 years anniversary more than two weeks ago, just my parents, youngest brother and me (hello, N0. 2 where are you?).


Here’s a snippet of our conversation over the dinner.

Me: So daddy, 30 years of marriage. Anything you want to share?
Daddy: *think very seriously*
Me: 30 years already, do you want to change a wife?
Daddy: *laugh* My wife is the best!
Mummy: *wink at us*

Cheeky streak in me can’t help. Must set up a trap for my dad. Damn smart ah, manage to escape.

How much joy, tears, hair-pulling fights (ok, damn drama here) and financial struggles they had shared in the 30 years? All the noises, messes and rebellious streaks from us (my brothers and I) must have given them even more hard time. They must have dealt so much of these leading to this very day.

Thank you, mummy and daddy.You have done a marvelous job together, look at how I turned out. Thank you for everything you have given to the family (I never felt like I need anything in addition apart from what was provided to me). Your love, commitment, and successful marriage is an inspiration for me. Happy Anniversary!


Your lovely daughter xoxo

I wonder how my marriage will turn out in the future but my parents definitely set up a great role model that I’ve always look into when it comes to my life.

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