ThisFelicia’s solo trip to Sydney – Part 1

This is hot from the oven. I can assure you! This just happened last weekend (maybe not that hot anymore) LOL.

I’ve no plan or anything when I stepped out of Sydney Airport. I declared it as my first solo trip, turned out I was so exhausted towards the end of the trip.

Is that a sign of aging? I do not want to think about it at all. Let’s talk about the trip instead. Yay!

Flew with Tiger Air this time. I went white when the lady weighing every passenger’s hand-carry items. The allowance is 7kg while my hand carry items weigh close to 9kg in total. My empty luggage itself contributed 4kg *sigh* I shall take a lighter hand carry baggage next time. The one thing that you want to avoid while flying budget is penalty due to excess baggage. Thank god, the lady let me off.

Dropped my luggage at the hotel earlier before check-in time because I don’t want to lug my luggage around. First stop was Circular Quay to check out the infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

It’s a short walk from Circular Quay to be able to enjoy this view. Nothing much to shout out for Sydney Harbour Bridge because I was watching from afar. I never went up close and cross the bridge on my foot. It’s a perfect spot for lunch and people watching. There are plenty of jet boat providers for some adventures. Perhaps the next time when I have the hub there with me we can go for a stroll on the Harbour Bridge.

Next up was the Sydney Opera House, the signature of Sydney.

Sydney Opera House, CHECKED! A big fat tick on Sydney Opera House in my virtual bucket list. Sydney Opera House was not in my bucket list, to be honest. The moment I see it, it’s like “Oh yes, checked checked checked!”.

When I got up close I couldn’t stop staring at the tiled roof. Must be very satisfying for the OCD folks to stare at. Wonder if they were laid tile by tile. Check it out, guys!

I wanted to make my way to Mrs. Macquarie Point but I was worried that I might be late for an appointment. Off I go to the Wynyard Station and I landed on a high street area basically. I have to call myself kampung (village) girl again because I get. Grabbed lunch, attended an appointment and it was time to check-in. Checked myself into my nest and had a rest till the evening.

Headed to the Darling Harbour in the evening which is probably 15mins walk from my hotel.

There’s a swing bridge, Pyrmont Bridge, across the Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour. The Pyrmont Bridge has a swing panel which enables the middle span to be “swing” (rotate) to horizontal and allows ships to cross.

If you wonder how detailed I would go to when I can get a closer look of a building(we’re talking about bridge now lol) structure, you’d be surprised. Noticed that the pathway up to the bridge is lined with chunky rocks and bricks on the side. I was surprised that the “legs” (the pillar that supported the bridge, they called it abutment) of the bridge were of timber.

Evening at Darling Harbour is just relaxing with a view like that. I appreciate the work of the engineers/builders of those days in building such a strong bridge. Not to forget the engineers these days in upkeeping so we could see the structure standing strong after so many years.

They are plenty to do visit there such as SEA LIFE aquarium, Madame Tussaud (Wax Museum), Wild Life Zoo and etc.

One that attracts me is the Australian National Maritime Museum. I definitely will revisit the Darling Harbour for the Australian National Maritime Museum with the hub along. It’s going to be interesting I bet. I am not a high street person but definitely a museum person.

There’s always a gateway like this in all the Chinatown I’ve visited so far. Took a stroll through Chinatown as well, but I did not see anything that interests me.

I ended up had a bowl of embarrassing Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl at Oiden Bowl Bar.

I called it embarrassing because my two zippers got hooked together and I can’t access my purse or phone FML. To make things worse, I realize it after I took my food. I stood at the cash out counter for a good 10mins and asked for a pair of scissors. It took me so long that I got so desperate and wanted to cut open the zipper (and pronounce the death of my less than 2 years old bag). Luckily my last attempt of prying the zipper was a success.

How did it happen? Like how I still can’t figure out. I walked quite a fair bit and was so exhausted when I get back to the hotel.

Here’s to the ThisFelicia’s Solo Trip to Sydney – Part 2 the trip where I rose and shone for the final hours in Sydney again.

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